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Devin JSC is now 100% carbon neutral

Devin JSC is now 100% carbon neutral

Bulgaria’s bottled water market leader Devin JSC is now a certified CO2 neutral company, receiving a label issued by the international climate advisory organisation CO2logic and validated by the accredited and independent certification body Vinçotte. Devin JSC is the first Bulgarian bottled water company to achieve carbon neutrality and it covers both company and product level. 

“We’re exceptionally proud to announce achievement of such an ambitious milestone. This means that our products are 100% climate neutral across the entire product life cycle: from the transport of materials to our factory to the production of our waters to the delivery to all points of sale. Consumers can help drive change by purchasing products from companies committed to help combat the world’s climate problem”, said Petya Manastirska, Sustainability and Quality Manager at Devin JSC.

This carbon neutral milestone was not achieved overnight. To become carbon neutral, Devin first calculated its full carbon footprint from manufacturing and production through finished product delivery in 2019 and took specific steps to avoid and reduce the greater part of its emissions. As evident by the first sustainability report of the company, issued in mid-2020, per litre bottled, energy consumption fell by 5,4% in just one year. The plant in Devin also started running on 100% green electricity, resulting in cuts of more than 6000 tons of CO2 on a yearly basis, (-18 % of Devin’s total CO2 footprint). The company is optimizing its storage, loading and transport processes and has revised its purchasing policy to favour suppliers for a shorter circuit of goods and materials. 

For more than a decade DEVIN packaging has been refined through light-weighting and eco-design, and all bottles continue to be 100% recyclable, including the cap and label.

To offset the amount of unavoidable emissions from distribution in order to achieve climate neutrality, Devin JSC purchases verified carbon credits on green energy. The investment also stays local and is into the largest wind farm in Bulgaria – St. Nikola Wind Farm, managed by AES.



  • The CO2-Neutral® label is a carbon-neutral certification of businesses, brands, products, services and events for mitigating the greenhouse gases related to their activities. The label is issued by the international climate advisory organisation CO2logic and validated by the accredited and independent certification body Vinçotte.
  • The Spadel CO2 calculations are based on the new European methodology called Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). Linked to the new Science Based Targets recognition, the figures are estimated scope by scope
    • Scope 1 = energy used (gas, fuel, wood) in the factories
    • Scope 2 = electricity used in the factories
    • Scope 3 = supply chain (raw material), distribution & packaging’s end of life

10 reasons to prefer alkaline water

10 reasons to prefer alkaline water

Pure water has a pH of 7.0 and a higher level is already considered alkaline water. Water with alkaline pH is useful in several cases. Here are 10 reasons to prefer alkaline water.

1. Alkaline water helps the body neutralize harmful metabolic waste products and expel them from the body. Water with a neutral pH only ejects. However, since today’s eating habits are more like producing a lot of acidic metabolic waste products, it is important that they are also neutralized. 

2. Alkaline water helps slimming. Acidic metabolic waste products that cannot be ejected are stored in fat cells, which also means weight gain. Alkaline water can ’unpack’ waste products hiding in fat cells, neutralize and expel them from the body.

3. Alkaline water helps the body recover faster after exercising. During intensive sports, the body often suffers oxygen starvation. In such anaerobic metabolic processes, intermediate acidic products of metabolism are produced in large quantities. Painful muscles caused by lactic acid are familiar to many athletes. Alkaline water helps neutralize lactic acids that cause pain and discomfort in the muscles. 

4. Alkaline water provides better bone metabolism than acidic water (all carbonated drinks and some waters, as a rule, are acidic). People do not consume enough dairy products or withdraw too much calcium and other substances important for normal bone metabolism from the body. Alkaline water contributes to the fact that the calcium content of the bone itself does not decrease and the bones are stronger.

5. Alkaline water helps reduce or prevent stomach problems associated with alcohol consumption (inflammation of the stomach cells due to oxidative stress, the development of bleeding-related lesions) by drinking it before and after alcohol consumption. The fact that alcohol should be consumed sensibly is worth emphasizing here. 

6. By consuming alkaline water, it is possible to prevent the formation of cancer cells and slow down their invasion in the presence of cancer cells. Increasing the pH of the tumour may reduce the optimal conditions for enzymes involved in the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, the number of circulating tumour cells may be reduced, and the tumour may be prevented from progressing in the body.

7. Alkaline water relieves reflux disease. Almost everyone has felt the stomach or esophagus pain at least once in life. A similar situation is a fairly frequent gastroesophageal reflux disease, in which acidic gastric contents move into the esophagus. Alkaline water alters the conformation of one important enzyme, pepsin, and therefore this enzyme cannot damage the esophagus. According to the researchers, pepsin with a pH of 7.4 remains stable, so the pH of the alkaline water consumed must be higher for pepsin to become inactive.

8. Alkaline water has healing properties in metabolic acidosis. The increase in concentration of hydrogen ions in blood plasma may be due to either decreased bicarbonate levels or elevated levels of organic and inorganic acids in blood plasma. High levels of carbonate ions are present in alkaline water and can alleviate the situation. 

9. Regular alkaline water consumption is an important component in affecting both the body's acid-base balance and water balance.

10. Drinking alkaline water helps prevent tooth decay. Just like chewing xylitol gum after a meal, drinking alkaline water helps stop acid attacks in the mouth. 

Finally, but no less important, alkaline water also contributes to be external beauty. Because drinking alkaline water improves the condition of the body and because our so-called outer shell is a reflection of the inside processes, provided that everything inside is fine and beautiful, our shell is also beautiful and tidy. We suggest naturally alkaline Devin mineral water for better health! 


Jaanus Lember, biochemist

Liza Lind discovered for herself Devin alkaline mineral water

Liza Lind discovered for herself Devin alkaline mineral water

Liza told her experience through Instagram storys:

"My friend told me about Devin alkaline mineral water a long ago. Years passed by when I started to think more about my health and well-being. Some time ago I saw Devin in supermarket and I thought to give it a try. I liked the taste so and I started to buy this water more often. Gradually, I discovered benefits for my health and well-being."

Liza is world traveller from Estonia. Follow her on Instragram @lizalindd




Devin Air with natural bubbles

Devin Air with natural bubbles

Devin AIR is natural mineral water with soft and balanced taste and added delicate natural carbonation. Developed in cooperation with one of the most famous Bulgarian chefs – Viktor Angelov, and the further support of professional sommeliers. The product has undergone a series of combined tastings and became the lightest compliment to your meal.

The magic of Devin Air is in the natural bubbles with a neutral taste that gently tickle your palate, preparing you for the next tasty bite. The unique mineral content of the water gives its soft and velvety taste. The added carbonation of natural origin imbues refreshment and delicacy. Devin AIR, spreading the pleasure of the bubbles, is great compliment to any menu and turns the meals into special moments.


Discover the bubbly ingredients of Devin Air

Devin mineral carbonated water is created with the cooperation of some of the best fine dining experts and impresses with its delicate perlage that gently tickles the taste buds while eating.


Devin AIR carbonation level is extremely delicate and pleasantly tickles your palate. The fine natural bubbles with a neutral taste gently neutralize your taste buds, preparing them for the next tasty bite.


The mineral water used in the sparkling formula of Devin AIR has extreme softness and balanced taste. Its alkaline character, with pH level above 9, soothes digestion and favors the proper body balance.

Natural origin

The natural carbonation of Devin Air is extracted from an ecologically clean region, from a depth of 1700 meters. The fine natural carbonation of Devin AIR makes it suitable both for everyday use and for special occasions. 


Devin Air: Behind the curtains

Chef Viktor Angelov is one of the leading and most prominent masters of the culinary art in Bulgaria. His extensive professional experience lays at the heart of Devin AIR’s unique formula and makes it the sparkle to your meal sensation.


Source: Devin Bulgaria


Why Devin mineral water?

Why Devin mineral water?


Pure origin, highly alkaline, unique mineral composition, proven quality

Devin mineral water differs from other brands on the market because of it's naturally high pH level and it's mineral content.   

The water comes with a temperature of more than 40 degrees and has exceptionally velvety taste. Devin is probably only mineral water that tastes good at room temperature. 


Natural mineral water from ecologically clean region in the Rhodope mountains

Devin mineral water is extracted from a natural source with a depth of over 700 m, which for centuries protects it from surface contamination. The source and the bottling facility are based in the ecologically clean and pure region of Devin.


The minerals required for you active and dynamic lifestyle, for sports and intense intellectual work 

With its low levels of mineralization and high pH level, Devin Mineral is suitable for people who have active lifestyle. It provides all the minerals you need, and ensures body healthy hydration in your busy everyday life.


Devin is packed in bottles with a reduced plastics content. Less plastics = better nature.




Alkaline water helps to manage Your body in everyday life

Alkaline water helps to manage Your body in everyday life


Water is a nutrient essential to human existence that performs an array of different tasks. Water is required to digest food, discharge metabolic residual products, regulate body temperature, synthesize substances found naturally in the body and transport substances in the body.

Strongly alkaline water helps restore and maintain pH balance in the body (and blood).

Water is the most common element on earth, occupying 70% of the Earth’s surface. Human beings as well are 70% water and the brain’s water content is as high as 80%.

A human being cannot survive without water for more than a week. Adults must drink approximately two liters of pure water every day. This recommended quantity does not include tea, coffee, fruit water, juice drinks etc. that do contain a large percentage of water, yet do not act as pure water.

With contemporary nutritional habits and lifestyle, the body is oftentimes dehydrated. At the same time, the body accumulates an excessive amount of acidic metabolic interim products and toxins. Due to the insufficient amount of available water, the body is unable to discharge such matter and harmful substances begin to affect the individual’s health. The main sources of acidic metabolic residual products are greasy food, alcohol, tobacco, insufficient exercise, stress and excessive amounts of time spent indoors.

Hundreds of years ago when people lived in greater harmony with nature and foodstuffs that the body really does not needs (e.g. refined sugar), excessive consumption of which is actually harmful, had not been invented yet, the human organism as well was better balanced. Substances consumed as food adhered to a more or less balanced alkaline-acid content. Furthermore, pure water was consumed as beverage, diluting and discharging any harmful residual products if any. Every day moving around and engagement in physical work contributed as well, helping the body fully appropriate i.e. burn all of the nutrients consumed.

Today, as a result of the above noted, the human body subsists at the mercy of continued acid attacks and labors at managing such onslaughts. As due to insufficient water intake, the body is unable to discharge harmful metabolic residual products, a way must be found to keep such substances in the body in a harmless form.

To that end, the body “wraps” an array of acidic metabolic interim products in fat. Fat is a natural storage of acid residues. When necessary, the body can draw on such storage for energy. Yet, as people fail to move their bodies sufficiently and generally don’t spend much time in cold outdoor environments, the energy reserve remains unused and as the accumulation grows, people become obese.

Naturally, we cannot return to lifestyles and social organization from hundreds of years ago in order to come to our body’s rescue. However, we can help our body by more knowledgeably choosing the water we drink. The first step in achieving a balance in your body would be to consume alkaline water (with a pH level above 7). HCO3 and CO3 ions in alkaline water possess the faculty to “unwrap” the acidic metabolic residual products collected in fat cells, neutralize acid ions and discharge them from the body. It is important to note here that strongly alkaline water (with a pH level above 9) works more efficiently. pH neutral water (pH7) only helps to discharge a certain quantity of residues and does not have the capacity to neutralize acid compounds. Drinking carbon dioxide (carbonated) water adds acidity to the body because carbonated water is acid (with a pH level below 7).

Photo: www.precisionnutrition.com


pH level i.e. acidity-alkalinity is one of the most important water qualities, determining how and what processes take place in the human body. The ideal pH level of human blood is 7.365. It is extremely important to maintain this level as blood pH level affects the entire body. If blood pH level falls below 6.8 or rises above 7.8, cellular function ceases and the individual dies.

If the blood pH level falls below normal and becomes acid, the body becomes less capable in appropriating nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Cellular energy production decreases and cellular regeneration capacity is damaged. The body becomes less efficient in producing enzymes and hormones. The digestive system is also disturbed and the body becomes susceptible to obesity as well as a number of other ailments. The human body will undergo tremendous effort to neutralize excessive acidity, yet will not always employ the best measures. Namely, the body will borrow alkaline minerals from the bones and tissues, resulting in a generally weakened organism and creation of a favorable ground for illness.

Strongly alkaline mineral water helps restore and maintain pH balance in the body (and blood). Comprehensive studies in Japan have ascertained that drinking alkaline water has alleviated or helped treat the following chronic illnesses: arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, heartburn, poor blood supply, osteoporosis, psoriasis, dyspepsia, constipation, migraine and chronic fatigue.

Drinking alkaline water is also recommended for athletes. During intense exercise the body often suffers from inadequate oxygenation. These anaerobic metabolic processes produce large quantities of acidic metabolic intermediate products. Many athletes are familiar with sore muscles caused by lactic acid. An acid environment causes tiredness and an under-the-weather feeling. This is something that athletes seeking the best possible result cannot afford. For athletes it is important that recovery from exertion would be fast and performance ability would continue at a maximum. Alkaline water supports quicker recuperation, balancing the metabolic residual products produced by a poorly oxygenated body. More simply put – alkaline water helps neutralize lactic acids that cause pain and discomfort in muscles.

For people who exercise actively, content of different minerals in their drinking water is also of importance. As a certain percentage of minerals exit the body with perspiration during exercise, it is necessary to restore the required level of such minerals in the body. The optimum mineral quantity in water is defined at 250-280 mg per liter. The most common mineral and also one of the most important minerals for an actively exercising individual is sodium that is essential to transmission of nerve impulses. The best alleviation of sore muscles indeed comes from concurrence of sodium and alkaline water.

Generally, people hardly notice the processes occurring in their body, especially if such processes unfold inside their body. Oftentimes, we lack the toolkit to interpret or cannot find the time to listen to the signals our body sends us in terms of discords and required change. Still, equipped with the elementary knowledge that contemporary lifestyles are by definition burdensome to the body, each one of us should provide the body with a helpful nudge in dealing with the modern way of life. A small and simple change of our day-to-day habits truly comes in handy - simply drink more water and consume alkaline water either on a constant basis or every now and then as required.

Author: Jaanus Lember, biochemist