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Devin JSC is now 100% carbon neutral

Devin JSC is now 100% carbon neutral

Bulgaria’s bottled water market leader Devin JSC is now a certified CO2 neutral company, receiving a label issued by the international climate advisory organisation CO2logic and validated by the accredited and independent certification body Vinçotte. Devin JSC is the first Bulgarian bottled water company to achieve carbon neutrality and it covers both company and product level. 

“We’re exceptionally proud to announce achievement of such an ambitious milestone. This means that our products are 100% climate neutral across the entire product life cycle: from the transport of materials to our factory to the production of our waters to the delivery to all points of sale. Consumers can help drive change by purchasing products from companies committed to help combat the world’s climate problem”, said Petya Manastirska, Sustainability and Quality Manager at Devin JSC.

This carbon neutral milestone was not achieved overnight. To become carbon neutral, Devin first calculated its full carbon footprint from manufacturing and production through finished product delivery in 2019 and took specific steps to avoid and reduce the greater part of its emissions. As evident by the first sustainability report of the company, issued in mid-2020, per litre bottled, energy consumption fell by 5,4% in just one year. The plant in Devin also started running on 100% green electricity, resulting in cuts of more than 6000 tons of CO2 on a yearly basis, (-18 % of Devin’s total CO2 footprint). The company is optimizing its storage, loading and transport processes and has revised its purchasing policy to favour suppliers for a shorter circuit of goods and materials. 

For more than a decade DEVIN packaging has been refined through light-weighting and eco-design, and all bottles continue to be 100% recyclable, including the cap and label.

To offset the amount of unavoidable emissions from distribution in order to achieve climate neutrality, Devin JSC purchases verified carbon credits on green energy. The investment also stays local and is into the largest wind farm in Bulgaria – St. Nikola Wind Farm, managed by AES.



  • The CO2-Neutral® label is a carbon-neutral certification of businesses, brands, products, services and events for mitigating the greenhouse gases related to their activities. The label is issued by the international climate advisory organisation CO2logic and validated by the accredited and independent certification body Vinçotte.
  • The Spadel CO2 calculations are based on the new European methodology called Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). Linked to the new Science Based Targets recognition, the figures are estimated scope by scope
    • Scope 1 = energy used (gas, fuel, wood) in the factories
    • Scope 2 = electricity used in the factories
    • Scope 3 = supply chain (raw material), distribution & packaging’s end of life