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10 reasons to prefer alkaline water

10 reasons to prefer alkaline water

Pure water has a pH of 7.0 and a higher level is already considered alkaline water. Water with alkaline pH is useful in several cases. Here are 10 reasons to prefer alkaline water.

1. Alkaline water helps the body neutralize harmful metabolic waste products and expel them from the body. Water with a neutral pH only ejects. However, since today’s eating habits are more like producing a lot of acidic metabolic waste products, it is important that they are also neutralized. 

2. Alkaline water helps slimming. Acidic metabolic waste products that cannot be ejected are stored in fat cells, which also means weight gain. Alkaline water can ’unpack’ waste products hiding in fat cells, neutralize and expel them from the body.

3. Alkaline water helps the body recover faster after exercising. During intensive sports, the body often suffers oxygen starvation. In such anaerobic metabolic processes, intermediate acidic products of metabolism are produced in large quantities. Painful muscles caused by lactic acid are familiar to many athletes. Alkaline water helps neutralize lactic acids that cause pain and discomfort in the muscles. 

4. Alkaline water provides better bone metabolism than acidic water (all carbonated drinks and some waters, as a rule, are acidic). People do not consume enough dairy products or withdraw too much calcium and other substances important for normal bone metabolism from the body. Alkaline water contributes to the fact that the calcium content of the bone itself does not decrease and the bones are stronger.

5. Alkaline water helps reduce or prevent stomach problems associated with alcohol consumption (inflammation of the stomach cells due to oxidative stress, the development of bleeding-related lesions) by drinking it before and after alcohol consumption. The fact that alcohol should be consumed sensibly is worth emphasizing here. 

6. By consuming alkaline water, it is possible to prevent the formation of cancer cells and slow down their invasion in the presence of cancer cells. Increasing the pH of the tumour may reduce the optimal conditions for enzymes involved in the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, the number of circulating tumour cells may be reduced, and the tumour may be prevented from progressing in the body.

7. Alkaline water relieves reflux disease. Almost everyone has felt the stomach or esophagus pain at least once in life. A similar situation is a fairly frequent gastroesophageal reflux disease, in which acidic gastric contents move into the esophagus. Alkaline water alters the conformation of one important enzyme, pepsin, and therefore this enzyme cannot damage the esophagus. According to the researchers, pepsin with a pH of 7.4 remains stable, so the pH of the alkaline water consumed must be higher for pepsin to become inactive.

8. Alkaline water has healing properties in metabolic acidosis. The increase in concentration of hydrogen ions in blood plasma may be due to either decreased bicarbonate levels or elevated levels of organic and inorganic acids in blood plasma. High levels of carbonate ions are present in alkaline water and can alleviate the situation. 

9. Regular alkaline water consumption is an important component in affecting both the body's acid-base balance and water balance.

10. Drinking alkaline water helps prevent tooth decay. Just like chewing xylitol gum after a meal, drinking alkaline water helps stop acid attacks in the mouth. 

Finally, but no less important, alkaline water also contributes to be external beauty. Because drinking alkaline water improves the condition of the body and because our so-called outer shell is a reflection of the inside processes, provided that everything inside is fine and beautiful, our shell is also beautiful and tidy. We suggest naturally alkaline Devin mineral water for better health! 


Jaanus Lember, biochemist